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Fall 2023

Potomac Term Fall 2023
  • As president and CEO of Leading Harvest, Kenny Fahey ’04 focuses on harnessing the power of the business sector to drive positive environmental and social outcomes in agriculture.

  • After nearly three decades as a member of the Potomac community, Norma Ramsey began her tenure as board chair this July, bringing her characteristic optimism, collaborative spirit, and focus on excellence to this key leadership role.

  • For Grant Hoechst Jackson ’14, flexibility is key. Whether he’s composing and playing music or leading game-design teams at Naughty Dog, Grant maintains an open and agile perspective – empowering himself and others to do their creative best. 

  • As a government employee, Niya Watkins ’11 was frustrated by poorly designed websites that hinder productivity. Striking out in a new direction, she became a digital product designer with a focus on ensuring user-friendly online experiences.

  • Author and illustrator Jamie Potter ’01 creates stories that spark the imagination of young readers and remind them that they have the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges. 

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Spring 2023

The Term Spring 2023
  • Innovator and entrepreneur Erik Schluntz ’11 is passionate about developing solutions to real-world problems. His current venture, Cobalt Robotics, leverages cutting-edge technology to help businesses keep their facilities safe and secure. 

  • How cool would it be to enter the world of Stranger Things or Bridgerton – living that life for a while, being part of one of those stories? As the manager of large-scale, immersive theatrical experiences that travel from city to city, Junie Janette Harris ’83 gives people around the world the chance to find out.

  • Serial entrepreneur Drew Durbin ’04 is always looking for ways to lift people up. His latest enterprise, Wave, is making mobile money capability widely available in Africa – addressing a critical need in areas where access to banks is limited or nonexistent.

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The Potomac Term

The Term is Potomac's biannual alumni magazine. Packed with alumni profiles, campus news, and class notes, The Term keeps Potomac's community of 10,000+ connected and informed. Have a story idea? Pitch it to us!

Fall 2022

Term Fall 2022
  • For half a century, Somers Randolph ’71 has lived the artist’s life, honing his skills, refining his vision, and challenging himself to bring forth ever more beautiful shapes from stone. 

  • As chief of the DC Health Department’s Chronic Disease Division, Shannon Gopaul Balser ’01 is playing a central role in efforts to make the nation’s capital a healthier and more equitable city. 

  • Imagination, vision, and creativity – Potomac’s K-12 Art Department chair, Cort Morgan, holds that these “metacognitive tools” are essential for progress in every field of endeavor. In his remarks at last spring’s Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Cort described how arts education fosters such vital attributes, preparing students to be innovators and leaders in the face of the unexpected. 

  • Joe Osha ’80 works at the intersection of two seemingly disparate worlds – high finance and green energy – leveraging his expertise in both fields to fuel positive change. 

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2022 Spring Term
  • The campus community honors faculty and staff members Jose Gonzalez, Rob Lee ’78, Greg Mueller, and Kristin Smith ’94, whose character and contributions exemplify the best of Potomac.

  • Ten years out of college and immersed in a career in international development, Valerie Plesch ’98 took a sharp turn to pursue her passion for visual storytelling. Now a successful photojournalist, Valerie doesn’t hesitate to train her lens on tough subjects, exploring the human experience and exposing political, social, and economic fault lines in the U.S. and around the globe.

  • Around the World is a joyful celebration of the diverse cultural heritages that enrich the Potomac experience. This April, the celebration returned in person, with hundreds of families coming together to learn more about one another and celebrate the bonds of friendship and respect that unite the Potomac community.

  • London-based journalist Jonathan Haworth ‘00 has his finger squarely on the pulse of global events. As a reporter, news editor, and field producer with some of the world’s most powerful media organizations, Jonathan has spent the past decade defining what constitutes news and deciding how best to tell the stories that matter.

  • Potomac’s 2022 Scholarship Auction was a blast from the past, as more than 400 members of the school community donned their coolest threads and came to campus to relive the freewheeling fun of the 1970s. This year’s auction raised a record amount for student scholarships and faculty professional development while proving beyond a doubt that, at Potomac, we are family!

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FALL 2021

  • Using Bollywood as a lens, Professor Ulka Anjaria ‘97 of Brandeis University is working to dust off worn-out images of the humanities and replace them with a fresh, inclusive, global perspective.
  • Class trips and shared experiences offer Upper School students the chance to nurture bonds and build a sense of community  such was the case this fall, as grades 9-12 formed lifelong memories.
  • Lower School Head Dr. Donnette Echols is committed to setting students up for success in school and in life. She reflects on her new position and what drew her to Potomac.
  • Artist Louisa Cannell ‘09 is using her talents to advance social causes and sharing her professional knowledge with a new generation of aspiring artists, including Kennedy Ferguson ‘22 and Grace Davidson ‘22.

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  • The campus community honors faculty and staff members Jenni Ashley, Dr. Sandra Heard, and Carol Hilderbrand, whose character and contributions exemplify the best of Potomac.

  • Attorney and Congressional Subcommittee Staff Director Candyce Phoenix ’03 fights for civil rights. 

  • John Brooks ’76, chief medical officer for the CDC’s COVID-19 response, answers our questions about the pandemic and what we have learned.
  • What’s it like to make the transition from high school or college to the “real world” in the midst of a global pandemic? Alumni Arjun Fischer '16, Erin Jackson '16, Joy Stewart '16Bliss Davis '20, Hope Donovan '20, and John Hong '20 reflect on navigating the past year.
  • Anna Laws ’14 and her colleagues at The FarmLink Project have put their passion into action, creating connections that reduce waste and bring fresh, nutritious food to people in need.

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  • Journalist Jamie Lovegrove '12 has covered Capitol Hill and interviewed national leaders – but he believes that the true heart of politics beats not in Washington, DC, but at the state and local levels, where voters connect directly with the issues they care about.
  • A bustling hub for sports, health and fitness activities, and community engagement, the Spangler Center for Athletics and Community is a magnificent addition to Potomac's campus.
  • Anne Benveniste '03 has found a career that she loves. With an innovative approach to career counseling, she aims to help others do the same.
  • Identity, connection, justice, and action. For The Potomac School, these are the cornerstones of cultural competence – a life skill critical to achieving success and making a difference in a diverse and interconnected world.
  • The campus community celebrates K-12 Science Department Chair Doug Cobb and Upper School math teacher Julie Wong, whose character and contributions exemplify the best of Potomac.

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FALL 2019

  • Mind Share Partners founder and CEO Kelly Greenwood '97 leads the fight to destigmatize mental health conditions and create more inclusive, supportive, and productive work environments.
  • New Board Chair Sameer Bhargava talks about his experiences as a Potomac parent and trustee and shares some thoughts about the unique value of a Potomac School education.
  • Working far from home, journalist Jordan Jones '10 finds the stories closest to his heart.
  • From soap operas to the Broadway stage, actor David Andrew Macdonald '77 breathes vivid life into a wide array of characters.
  • The Potomac school reaffirms, and builds upon, its longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • With more than 150 alumni, family members, and friends on campus for the celebration, Reunion 2019 was a time to reminisce, reconnect, and reenergize. 

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In This Issue:

  • Teaching math in an under-resourced, inner-city school is a challenge that can lead to burnout – or inspiration. Kareem Farah '09 has found an award-winning route to classroom success.
  • What has the power to fight hunger, disease, and global warming? Organic farmer Skip Paul '68 says we should look at the complex ecosystems right under our feet.
  • The campus community celebrates administrative assistant Kim Mackay and science teacher and academic dean Mary Cahill, whose characters and contributions exemplify the best of Potomac.
  • A solar energy startup, a white water rafting school, and a major international shipping firm – all have benefited from the talents of Rachel Dyke '03, whose professional philosophy has positioned her to make a lasting impact.
  • Career Day brings alumni and students together for enlightening and inspiring conversations. Here, panelists share their top tips for professional success.

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FALL 2018

In This Issue:

  • From the California coast to the Big Island of Hawaii and all the way to the TED-X stage in Vancouver, conservation medicine veterinarian Claire Simeone '03 promotes the welfare of endangered species and reminds her fellow humans that we can learn a lot from animals.
  • Lynne Lightfoote '91 practices medicine and mentorship with equal devotion, carrying on a family legacy of helping young women achieve their potential.
  • IS math teacher and nature photographer extraordinaire Scott Clark captures the astonishing natural beauty of Potomac's 90-acre campus.
  • Brendan O'Connell '02, an expert in the rapidly evolving field of neurotology, performs life-changing surgeries that help patients of all ages overcome hearing loss.
  • Reunion 2018 brought alumni to campus to reconnect with friends, relive great memories, and celebrate the Potomac spirit. The photos say it all!

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In This Issue:

  • Reilly Davis '08 and his company, PeopleGrove, help students and alumni make connections that count.
  • Sharing information, encouragement, and resources, health communicator Nicole Long '06 is on the front lines of the U.S. Navy's effort to prevent suicide.
  • The campus community celebrates Lower School faculty member Annabelle Redway Dunn '85 and school nurse Ellen Grass, whose character and contributions exemplify the best of Potomac.
  • What are the factors that lead to weight gain and obesity? Dr. Leah Lipsky '96 and her colleagues at the NIH are taking a close look, and they say the answers aren't as obvious as you might think.
  • What characteristics and abilities set Potomac graduates apart and empower them to lead lives of purpose, achievement, and generosity of spirit? The Portrait of the Potomac Graduate, a document developed through two years of community conversations, offers some inspiring answers.

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FALL 2017

In This Issue:

  • Though they don't spend their days on the field or the court, Erin Vagley '95, Mike Carney '01, and Zach Leonsis '07 are making their mark in professional sports.
  • Griffin Vanze '03 blends a passion for style with a commitment to sustainability at eco-friendly clothing company Aeon Row.
  • Professional organizer Wendy Arundel '77 helps people transform their lives, one orderly step at a time.
  • At Impact Without Borders, Kaison Tanabe '09 helps socially-focused startups grow their impact and their bottom line.
  • Reunion 2017 brought a record number of alumni back to campus to celebrate the Potomac spirit!

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In This Issue:

  • Actor and playwright Ellen McLaughlin ’73 has created a vibrant life in the theatre, using her talents to examine complex questions and illuminate timeless truths.
  • In his new book, journalist Derek Thompson ’04 explores how human psychology and the economics of cultural marketplaces shape what’s hot and what’s not.
  • Will Ackerly ’99 is a man with a mission: ensuring that Internet users have the power to protect their personal information and sensitive data from intrusion.
  • WeWork aims to “create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.” Two Potomac alumni, Ebbie Wisecarver '97 and Sam Lee '03, share their insights about the company’s innovative business model.
  • The Potomac School honors longtime and well-loved teacher Jerry Rich with its first Generosity of Spirit Award.

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FALL 2016

In This Issue:

  • Under the leadership of John Lettow '91, Vorbeck Materials Corp. is changing the way humans interact with electronics.
  • Social media maven Charlie Tansill '04 expands circles of influence from DC to Dubai and beyond.
  • Reflections on Bill Cook's life and legacy paint an indelible portrait of a beloved educator, mentor, and friend.
  • Whether in the business world or on a movie set, Vincent Harris '94 pursues his passions and makes a mark.
  • Congressman John Lewis visits campus and inspires the Potomac community; IS students befriend kids in need.
  • Potomac wins the ISL Sportsmanship Banner; baseball and boys lacrosse are MAC tournament champions for the second consecutive year.

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In This Issue:

  • New York magazine restaurant critic Adam Platt '73 dishes on the perks and predicaments inherent in a career focused on food.
  • Meet Board of Trustees Chair Dr. Marjorie Brennan, a charismatic leader who is passionate about Potomac's success.
  • Ross Condon '03 exhibits intensity, drive, and commitment as he moves up the competitive world of Division I coaching.
  • Performer, choreographer, writer, and lover of the arts Amanda Kreglow '63 shares her passion with the world.
  • Students honored for independent science research; speech and debate team persuades its way to the top.
  • Kyle Sanok '16 wins cross country state championship; girls soccer captures conference title.

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FALL 2015

In This Issue:

  • Meet Jocelyn Kelly ’98, who fights fearlessly to create sustainable change in the war-torn region of central Africa.
  • Learn how alumni Ann Bellinger ’10 and Evan May ’14 found themselves rejuvenated before embarking on the college experience by taking a gap year.
  • Read how Stephen Hill ’76, the president for programming for Black Entertainment Television (BET), channeled his childhood passion for music into a dream career.
  • Hear from alumni John Backus ’12, Caryn Cramer ’97, Eric Huang ’09, and Chris Seline ’93 about what it takes to flourish in the art of entrepreneurship.
  • Discover how three-sport athlete Clare Kehoe ’15 specializes in being well-rounded.

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Term Spring 2015

In This Issue:

  • Sing along with sisters Nerissa ’82 and Katryna Nields ’84, and understand how music has been the key to a lifetime of joy and community-building.
  • Meet the School’s newest trustees, including three alums who are happy to be giving back.
  • Rock out with three alumni, in two different bands, who are focused on one goal: Truman '03 and Willie Morrison '06 and Will Runge '05 are focused on making it in music.
  • Learn how Jennifer Maddox Sergent ’84 and Charlotte Martin Smith ’93 have carved out distinct niches in the world of design blogging.
  • Discover how Lower and Middle School students and staff have teamed up to make the daily bus ride a high point for everyone.

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FALL 2014

Term Fall 2014

In This Issue:

  • Dive with Grace Young ’11 and explore the ocean's wonders with Jacques Cousteau’s grandson.
  • Learn about Aleem Ahmed's ’03 new superfood made from an Ethiopian grain.
  • Experience the history and horror of 9/11 with conservator John Childs ’78 in an overview of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.
  • See how three friends from the Class of ’09 are making their mark and chasing big dreams in New York City.
  • Enjoy the excitement of Reunion 2014!
  • Read about how a sibling rivalry pushed squash All-American Kira Keating ’14 to the top.

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Term Spring 2014

In This Issue:

  • Matt Stinchcomb '93 fell into a job with an online startup and now he's testing the power of business to do good.
  • Christina Fennell ’12 and Olivia Pavco-Giaccia ’12 are creating new kids’ ventures born of their days at Potomac.
  • How Potomac’s unofficial mascot came to live with John Chester ’73.
  • Students are finding inspiration working with children in one of the world’s biggest slums.
  • How Potomac’s camps have been changing lives—and the School itself—for a half-century.
  • Intermediate School gets a new home

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FALL 2013

Term Fall 2013

In This Issue:

  • New Head of School John Kowalik talks about his family and the ingredients of good leadership.
  • Lina Gomez ’01 is a globetrotting expert at turning ideas into reality.
  • Kids take to the treetops to learn life lessons with David Ritter ’93.
  • Upper School students decide that leadership is not just for the elite.
  • Paris Review editor Lorin Stein ’91 and the challenge of leading creative intellectuals.How Lauren Banks Amos ’94 gets the best out of Potomac runners.
  • Sophomores explore DC careers—and their passions.

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Term Spring 2013

In This Issue:

  • A fond farewell to Head of School Geoff Jones.
  • A look at Holly Green Gordon's ('86) work promoting education for girls around the world.
  • A reflection on "The Art of Transition" by retiring administrator and faculty Sheila O'Marah.
  • A profile of Clay Whitehead '98, whose business provides online speech-language therapy for children in 22 states.
  • An essay by Potomac Parent Emily Hoechst.
  • Advice from Trustee Emerita Betsy Duff on planned giving.
  • A new back-of-the-book feature called "Terminology," with thoughts from IS Science Teacher Elijah Goodwin on migratory restlessness.

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FALL 2012

In This Issue:

  • A look inside Obama's in-box, with former Staff Secretary Lisa Brown '75
  • Former Senator Evan Bayh '71 on America's imperfect pursuit of the highest ideals
  • Behind the scenes of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, with a Q&A with Mark Shriver '79, author of A Good Man
  • Cameron Kilberg's ('98) thoughts on the intersection of technology and politics
  • An excerpt from Rohit Bhargava's ('93) Likeonomics
  • Five-term Mayor of Raleigh Charles Meeker's ('65)secret to getting things done.
  • Radio journalist Jonathan Wilson's '98 take on the meaning of smaller government in a government town

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