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Students Learn About Angklung Instrument 

Lower School students recently participated in an educational program with visiting musicians, arranged by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington, DC. The students learned about the angklung, an Indonesian musical instrument made from bamboo, which symbolizes unity and community. Topics included how and where the instruments are made, the significance of using bamboo, and the geographical layout of Indonesia and its more than 17,000 islands.

Professor Diah Ayu Maharani, DDS, PhD, the Educational and Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, attended the program in support of bringing awareness of Indonesian culture to Potomac’s students. Read more

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Learning About Biodiversity on Smithsonian Field Trip

Students in the Biodiversity & Conservation class traveled to the Natural History Museum to participate in the Reefs Unleashed program led by museum staff. Students learned about Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS), a nondestructive tool that Smithsonian scientists use to measure the biodiversity of coral reefs all over the world, then observed and analyzed data from images of ARMS plates to better understand the impact of ocean acidification on coral reefs. Applying their knowledge of marine ecosystems to their observations, students developed hypotheses to explain the differences in reef biodiversity. 

Dino Dig

The kindergarten paleontologists continued studying dinosaurs with a fossil dig in the big sandbox. They had tremendous success finding deer antlers, cow jaws, and scapulas. They really dug it! 

ASIA Club Hosts NBC4 News Anchor

Last week, the US ASIA (Asian Students In America) Club hosted its annual assembly and invited guest speaker Ms. Eun Yang to Potomac. Ms. Yang is the primetime news anchor at NBC4 Washington. She shared about her childhood growing up as an immigrant in PG County, her experiences in college that led her to broadcasting, and some of the challenges she has faced throughout her career, including the time that she was fired! Ms. Yang encouraged students to work hard and believe they are more than their grades and transcript. We thank Ms. Yang for coming to Potomac. 

Career Lab Highlights Variety of Professions

Last week, the Career and Professional Skills Committee and the Alumni Office hosted Jack Moore ’11, producer at Bethesda Game Studios; Bria Peace ’16, assistant vice president at Bank of America Wealth Management on the Hedge Fund Origination team; and Naki Franklin ’17, YouTube channel operations coordinator for Nickelodeon as panelists for this year's second Career Lab for juniors and seniors. They shared their insights and advice on their journey after Potomac, their jobs, and their perspectives on work and the future of work. 

Academic Showcase Highlights First-Semester Successes

Earlier this week, Upper Schoolers enjoyed our second annual Academic Showcase Assembly, where students from various classes had the chance to show off their work from the first semester. Highlights included Photography I students sharing selections from their recent portfolios, Advanced Research Seminar students showing off complex, content-rich infographics, an Anatomy & Physiology lesson plan for teaching Lower Schoolers about food allergies, and an original rap reflecting on content from our US History class. The assembly was a great way to celebrate amazing work from the first half of the 2023-24 school year! 

Sophomores recently had an opportunity for a meaningful visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Students were invited to learn about the atrocities committed during the Holocaust but also to bear witness to resilience and resistance despite the unspeakable horrors of World War 2. Our students engaged with artifacts with the utmost respect, and some even had the chance to speak with survivors after a tour of the exhibits. Beyond the connections to lessons in their history and English classes, our sophomores had the opportunity to reflect on human suffering along with a persistent spirit of hope. After returning from the trip, students joined small groups to share what they learned and experienced in the museum, ensuring that the lessons of the Holocaust continue to resonate and inform our understanding of history and humanity.