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Panther College Athletes

2023 College Athletes

College Athletes

Potomac has a long tradition of athletic success, and many of our athletes have gone on to pursue sports at the collegiate level. Our college counselors work extensively with student-athletes and collaborate closely with Potomac coaches, college coaches, and admissions offices to support and advocate for our students.

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Potomac School History of Alumni Athletics 1990–2023

Potomac students who are playing or who have played college sports (Division I, II or III) since 1991.
Please contact the Athletic Director regarding any omission.

Class of 2023

NAME Sport School Division
Ella Adamec Field Hockey Kenyon College III
Michelle Ahn Fencing Columbia University I
Drew Ambrose Golf, Lacrosse Wesleyan University III
Marcus Burrell Football, Baseball Williams College III
Sam Cristinzio Golf, Lacrosse Swarthmore College III
Cate Dannahey Lacrosse Denison College III
Maya Davis Soccer, Track Washington University in St. Louis III
Devin Dunn Football Missouri University of Science & Technology II
Marcel Gaskins Football, Lacrosse The United States Naval Academy I
David Hyde Football, Lacrosse Williams College III
Carter Lawrence Basketball Franklin & Marshall College III
Tyler Lawrence Basketball Dickinson College III
Caelan McCormack Basketball St. Lawrence University III
Kylie McKinley Field Hockey Dartmouth College I
Kate Motley Field Hockey, Track, Lacrosse Middlebury College III
Charles Ortmans Cross Country, Track Harvard University I
Max Revis Football, Squash, Lacrosse Oberlin College III
Elizabeth Rossotti Field Hockey, Lacrosse Georgetown University I
Drew Turner Football, Baseball The United States Naval Academy III
Patrick Wolff Football, Baseball Pomona College III

Class of 2022

NAME Sport School Division
Alexander Akbari Squash Williams College III
Kevin Check Football Wake Forest I
Atiba De Souza Football Washington & Lee III
Ryan Huppe Golf Wabash College III
Evie Kim Track and Field Johns Hopkins III
BJ McNeil Basketball Dickinson College III
Helen Otteni Soccer Washington & Lee III
Teddy Ross Golf Washington & Lee III
Kayla Rolph Basketball William and Mary I
Andrew Ruggeri Baseball University of Pennsylvania I
Austin Smith Basketball Virginia Wesleyan University III
TJ Takis Baseball Hamilton College III

Class of 2021

NAME Sport School Division
Noah Alexander Soccer Bowdoin College III
Andrew Bernstein Swimming Amherst College III
Henry Boehm Baseball Hamilton College III
Jud Cummings Wrestling Washington & Lee University III
Jay Gollob Lacrosse Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute III
Matthew Granovsky Squash Amherst College III
Abby Gravel Lacrosse Franklin & Marshall College III
Alex Holmes Lacrosse Cornell University I
Brandon Potts Football Saint Anselm College III
Evelina Swigart Lacrosse University of Chicago III
Maria Urban Softball Lehigh University I

Class of 2020

NAME Sport School Division
Brian Check Football Carnegie Mellon University III
Nikki Debayo-Doherty Soccer Yale University I
Chris Gaston Football MIT III
Katie Gould Swimming Pomona College III
Catherine Hyman Track and Field Princeton University I
Jamie Li Football Washington & Lee University III
Emma Mansfield Soccer Washington & Lee University III
Jamel Melvin Basketball University of Northern Colorado I
Matthew Tran Tennis George Mason University I
JT Tyson Football Stevenson University III

Class of 2019

NAME Sport School Division
Preston Bacon Football Northwestern University I
Doug Cobb Cross Country Vassar College III
Diego Cruzado Swimming The College of William & Mary I
Jonathan Gagnon Football Washington and Lee University III
Matt Gelin Track and Field Amherst College III
Bridgett Hyde Field Hockey Williams College III
Justin Law Basketball Franklin & Marshall College III
Liam McKinley Fencing Johns Hopkins University III
Sara Park Basketball Harvard University I
Jack Rosner Soccer University of Pennsylvania I
Austin Rucker Track and Field Syracuse University I
Ethan Shapiro Golf Kenyon College III
Grace Sherman Soccer Princeton University I
Garrett Socas Soccer Dartmouth University I
Eliza Soutter Lacrosse Colgate University I
Annie Tuttle Swimming The College of William & Mary I
Caleb Wooten Track and Field Bucknell University I

Class of 2018

NAME Sport School Division
Carter Bosch Baseball Georgetown University I
Courtlynne Caskin Lacrosse University of Virginia I
Alex Debayo-Doherty Soccer Harvard University I
Tayte Dupree Tennis Wake Forest University I
Devon Flowers Basketball James Madison University I
Hannah Gould Swimming Davidson College I
Jake Logue Football Franklin & Marshall College III
Nicole Manning Cross Country/Track University of Richmond I
Nathaniel Martin Basketball Emerson College III
Hailey McKelvie Sailing Tufts University III
Will McLeish Lacrosse Tufts University III
Tracey Mills Soccer Dartmouth University I
Izzy Moran Lacrosse University of Chicago III
John Schooner Baseball Oberlin College III
Will Socas Soccer University of Pennsylvania I
Jamal Thompson Soccer Emerson College III
Charlotte White Soccer Colby College III
Miles Wilson Track and Field St. Lawrence University III
Stephen Yeonas Soccer Connecticut College III

Class of 2017

NAME Sport School Division
Daniel Albrittain Baseball Elon University I
Declan Cetta Soccer Emory University III
Henry Cronic Track Middlebury College III
Ricardo Facey Football Stevenson College III
Noelle Giuliano Squash Connecticut College III
Tommy Hansan Soccer Cornell University I
Mia Horton Track Cornell University I
Lyla Jones Lacrosse Colby College III
Alexander Kitt Lacrosse Williams College III
Jacob Lazris Lacrosse Williams College III
Joe Nardini Tennis University of Richmond I
Harrison Osborne Lacrosse Amherst College III
Jack Peele Lacrosse University of Virginia I
Benny Pickle Football Colby College III
Camila Rodlauer Soccer Wesleyan University III
Will Schmidt Lacrosse Sewanee: The University of the South III
Alex Snape Squash Connecticut College III
Eric Thronson Baseball Trinity College III
Ted Tierney Wrestling Trinity College III

Class of 2016

NAME Sport School Division
Katy Correia Squash Amherst College III
Drew Davis Basketball Catholic University III
Rachel Granovsky Track Princeton University I
Sydney Grube Swimming University of Chicago III
Ben Keller Soccer Hamilton College III
Grace Moses Track Kenyon College III
Jack Repke Football Hamilton College III
Sheila Rietano Lacrosse Boston College I
Grant Robinson Basketball Amherst College III
Kyle Sanok Track Harvard University I
Keith Scales Baseball Worcester Polytechnic Institute III
Caroline Stoddard Lacrosse Colby College III
Gianmarco Terrones Track California Institute of Technology III
Emily Tran Soccer Wellesley College III
Jasper Tyner Lacrosse University of Vermont I
Will Valentine Baseball Gettysburg College III
JoJo Young Field Hockey Sewanee: The University of the South III

Class of 2015

NAME Sport School Division
Brooks Arundel Football Bowdoin College III
Connor Atkinson Track Virginia Tech I
Ed Booth Football Mount Allison University Canadian Interuniversity Sport
Cole Bransford Track Princeton University I
Chris Caskin Tennis Trinity College III
Bennett Caplin Wrestling Williams College III
Taaj-Udeen Davis Football Kenyon College III
Alex Gerson Tennis Washington University in St. Louis III
James Gilbert Lacrosse Tufts University III
Olivia Kobayashi Track/Soccer New York University III
Steven Logan Football Tulane University I
Theo Mendez Squash Harvard University I
Phil Newsome Basketball St. Mary's College III
Nghi Nguyen Squash Cornell University I
Laura Persinski Lacrosse Villanova University I
Stuart Read Football Williams College III
Fitz Reese Lacrosse Tufts University III
Naim Rutledge Football University of Mount Union III
Brendan Ryan Wrestling Virginia Tech I
Tessa Smalley Softball Ohio Wesleyan University III
Gabrielle Smith Track New York University III
Matt Spidi Baseball Washington University in St. Louis III
Michael Thompson Track University of Maryland, Baltimore County I
Grant Voeks Track & Field Clemson University I

Class of 2014

NAME Sport School Division
Cameron Bahadori Squash Amherst College III
Jalen Broome Football Brown University I
Matt Danilack Soccer Dartmouth College I
Kevin Haverman Lacrosse Washington and Lee University III
Josh Hublitz Tennis UNC-Wilmington I
Kira Keating Squash Princeton University I
Chris Martin Football Trinity College III
Adam Moses Track Dickinson College III
Sandeep Rishi Squash Tufts University III
Hale Ross Cross Country/Track Yale University I
BJ Sallah Basketball Hampden-Sydney College III
Logan Samuels Basketball Hampden-Sydney College III

Class of 2013

NAME Sport School Division
Philip Bennett Lacrosse Washington and Lee University III
Emily Carney Rowing Dartmouth University I
Gabe Corrochano Wrestling Williams College III
Parker Hornstein Lacrosse Washington College III
Jack O'Brien Lacrosse Princeton University I
Johnny Read Football/Baseball Middlebury College III
Sean Spasoff Lacrosse Hamilton College III
Daniel Wasserman Soccer Washington University in St. Louis III

Class of 2012

NAME Sport School Division
Ella Barnes Fencing New York University III
Matt Carney Lacrosse St. Mary's College III
Amanda Corwin Squash Colby College III
Erin Cummings Soccer Colgate University I
Geoff Danilack Soccer Williams College III
A.J. Davis Basketball Morehouse College III
Grace Dewey Basketball University of Delaware I
Chris Graves Lacrosse Colorado College III
Cullen Hamilton Basketball College of the Holy Cross I
Devin Hill Basketball Hood College III
Cameron Kahl Football Denison University III
Jack Kaplan Cross Country/Track Carnegie Mellon III
Geoff Keating Squash Cornell University I
Casey Mann Soccer University of Wisconsin I
Alex Prezioso Lacrosse Duke University I
Andres Rodlauer Soccer Middlebury College III
Lacy Rosse Track Washington and Lee University III
Russell Schmidt Football Washington and Lee University III
John Steele Track Tulane University I
Lauren Wackerle Lacrosse Yale University I

Class of 2011

NAME Sport School Division
John Andril Sailing Georgetown University I
Hugh Danilack Soccer Dartmouth College I
Matt Giordano Baseball Furman University I
Zach Hublitz Tennis UNC- Wilmington I
Connor Laughlin Lacrosse Bowdoin College III
Ned Mandel Tennis Trinity College (CT) III
Campbell Millar Soccer University of Virginia I
Charlotte Morris Lacrosse UC Davis I
Kathleen Smith Soccer Bowdoin College III
Mike Duffy Lacrosse Villanova University I
Carter Clarke Squash Cornell University I

Class of 2010

NAME Sport School Division
Patricia Brandt Track and Field University of Chicago III
Maddie Brennan Soccer Dickinson College III
Katie Chockley Track and Field Yale University I
Colin Cummings Baseball Colby College III
Tristan Dellar Lacrosse Dickinson College III
Maddy Fabiani Lacrosse University of Virginia I
David Freemyer Lacrosse University of Vermont I
Sarah Hunt Soccer Loyola University I
Andrew Jones Soccer Emory University III
Bryan Keating Squash Cornell University I
Shivani Kochhar Cross Country Wesleyan University III
Stephen Leong Lacrosse Dickinson College III
Claire Mattox Basketball and Softball Washington College III
Dori McAuliffe Lacrosse Colby College III
Zander Nassikas Squash Wesleyan University III
Churchill O'Connell Soccer University of Virginia I
Matias Rodlauer Soccer Colby College III
Anneka Wilson Cross Country Columbia University I
Brendan Evans Track and Field Johns Hopkins University III
AD Hoffman Lacrosse Georgetown University I
Ann Bellinger Squash Tufts University III

Class of 2009

NAME Sport School Division
Thomas Cristofaro Football Carleton College III
Louisa Cannell Squash Bowdoin College III
Brian Freeman Basketball Fordham University I
Kareem Farah Tennis Washington University I
Lee Goehring Lacrosse UNC (walk on) I
Catherine Kahl Lacrosse Colby College III
Gregg Mayer Lacrosse McDaniel College III
PJ Miller Basketball NJIT I
Phillips Mitchell Lacrosse Johns Hopkins University I
Ryan O’Shea Lacrosse Stanford University I
Danny Ricchetti Baseball Kenyon College III
Caroline Schmidt Field Hockey/Lacrosse Washington and Lee III
Kaison Tanabe Wrestling Williams College III
Teddy Watson Track/Cross Country NYU I

Class of 2008

NAME Sport School Division
Sam Abramson Lacrosse Dickinson College III
Nina Castelli Cross Country/
Kenyon College III
Claire Donegan Lacrosse Colby College III
Matt Feeley Tennis Richmond I
Ted Hall Track Middlebury College III
Natalie Heintz Soccer Southern Methodist University I
Brian Kimm Lacrosse Gettysburg College III
Kyle Massey Football/Lacrosse Middlebury College III
R.J. Parker Baseball Mary Washington College III
Tim Prowitt Basketball Amherst College III
Johns Ross Cross Country/
Duke University I
Stephen Serene Cross Country/
Aileen Shea Tennis Georgetown University I
Kiely Webster Soccer Bates College III
Spencer GoPaul Football Colby College III

Class of 2007

NAME Sport School Division
Sam Adelberg Track Brown University I
Charlie H.M. Lonaeus Squash Connecticut College III
Jamie Beddow Squash Colgate University I
Jonathan Chu Squash Franklin and Marshall III
Stephanie Croghan Soccer Boston College I
Jeffrey Diamond Baseball University of Michigan I
Michael Diamond Sailing Dartmouth University I
Charlie Drake Squash Wesleyan College III
Nick Echeverria Squash Bates College III
Wes Fleuchaus SAiling Bowdoin College III
B.G. Green Softball Carleton College III
Alex Gross Squash, Soccer Tufts University III
Greg Namrow Football Gettysburg College III
Michaeline Nelson Track Brown University I
Mac Reed Football Hampden- Sydney College III
Ben Shambon Football Occidental College III
Tyler Stilwell Squash Connecticut College III
Doug Stupay Soccer Trinity College ( CT) III
Kenzan Tanabe Wrestling MIT III
Julie Vassar Soccer Smith College III

Class of 2006

NAME Sport School Division
Lauren Brandes Swimming University of Pennsylvania I
Olivia Dewey Basketball Dickinson College III
Stephen Dobeck Crew Yale University I
Sam Gullford Sprint Football Princeton University I
Michael Hussey Lacrosse Franklin & Marshall College III
Alex Kolt Football Hampden-Sydney College III
Ian Malakoff Tennis Trinity College (CT) III
Katie Martore Soccer/Basketball Wellesley College III
Phinney McIntire Lacrosse Colby College III
Jimmy Miller Lacrosse Ohio Wesleyan University III
Willie Morrison Baseball Occidental College (CA) III
Robbie Shiver Baseball Ohio Wesleyan University III
Tom Simeone Football Denison University III
Taytra Todd Track and Field North Carolina A+T III
Riker Vermilye Lacrosse Ohio Wesleyan University III

Class of 2005

NAME Sport School Division
Lilly Adams Ice Hockey St. Michael’s College III
Lauren Clarke Squash Cornell University I
Lolly Cunningham Field Hockey/Lacrosse Denison University III
Dan Direnfeld Baseball Rhodes College III
Leah Gonzales Lacrosse St. Mary's College III
Dare Kolawole Track and Field Stanford University I
Charlotte Lawson Cross Country/Track University of Pennsylvania I
Taylor Manning Lacrosse Denison University III
Morgan Simpson Softball Williams College III
Justin Stilwell Squash Massachusetts Institute of Technology III
Jordan Yarboro Lacrosse Tufts University III

Class of 2004

NAME Sport School Division
Jason Adler Swimming Ohio State University I
Genna Beier Swimming Pomona College III
Libby Carson Lacrosse College of William and Mary I
Mattie Cowen Soccer Bowdoin College III
Jake Gross Squash Tufts University III
Patrick Harris Squash Univ. of Rochester III
Kelsey Killmon Swimming Bowdoin College III
Claire Linden Soccer Connecticut College III
Kevin Mayer Lacrosse Duke University I
McKenzie Millar Soccer Miami University (Ohio) I
Christine Montgomery Polo University of Virginia I
Michael Murphy Football/Baseball Randolph-Macon College III
Drew Peterson Soccer Harvard University I
Peter Prowitt Basketball Stanford University I
Steve Shashy Football/Track Amherst College III
Charlie Tansill Tennis University of North Carolina I

Class of 2003

NAME Sport School Division
Misa Bretschneider Soccer University of Chicago III
Ross Condon Basketball Villanova University I
Rachel Dyke Lacrosse Stanford University I
Elizabeth Fabiani Crew Boston College I
Danny Gavula Soccer Georgetown University I
James Hawthorn Cross Country University of Virginia I
Eliza Jones Swimming Wesleyan College III
Cara Kiernan Cross Country/Track Yale University I
Michael Kirkman Lacrosse University of Virginia I
Marcus Meikle Football Amherst College III
Truman Morrison Baseball Occidental College III
Sandeep Premkumar Soccer Emory University III
Eric Rosenthal Football University of Virginia I
Griffin Vanze Squash Haverford College III
Adam Wallwork Tennis Swarthmore College III

Class of 2002

NAME Sport School Division
Nick Adams Squash Bowdoin College III
Jenna Linden Soccer University of Pennsylvania I
Bob Montgomery Squash Princeton University I
Meredith Murphy Lacrosse Trinity University III
Joey Pahira Football Franklin and Marshall College III
Dorothy Phoenix Basketball Massachusetts Institute of Technology III
Kristy Zimmerman Basketball Sewanee: The University of the South III

Class of 2001

NAME Sport School Division
Bryan Bennett Lacrosse Brown University I
Bradley Allen Squash Harvard University I
Paige Blumer Softball Trinity College I
Rory Byrnes Football University of Pennsylvania I
Daphne Chester Squash Princeton University I
Michael Emory Swimming Columbia University I
Anna Gonzalez Lacrosse Williams College III
David Hawkins Swimming Middlebury College III
Win Huffman Lacrosse Trinity College III
Carrie Johnson Soccer University of Pennsylvania I
Matt Kline Wrestling University of Michigan I
John Ohly WSprint Football University of Pennsylvania I
Laura Smith Squash Princeton University I
Christina Trabandt Lacrosse Hamilton College III

Class of 2000

NAME Sport School Division
Charles Barnes Football Carnegie Mellon University III
Jon Direnfeld Baseball Kenyon College III
Dan Doty Lacrosse Duke University I
Emily Duncan Soccer/Lacrosse University of Pennsylvania I
Andrew Farrell Lacrosse Kenyon University III
Courtney Fischer Lacrosse Duke University I
Anne Laughlin Soccer University of Pennsylvania I
Fontaine Marcoux Soccer Washington and Lee University III
Maura Myers Field Hockey/Squash Colby College III
Ben Rose Crew Yale University I
Katherine Twomey Crew Yale University I
Shaw Vanze Crew Brown University I

Class of 1999

NAME Sport School Division
Yorke Allen Tennis Duke University I
Trenholm Boggs Lacrosse Colby College III
Jody Goehring Lacrosse University of Pennsylvania I
Christian Gomez Sprint Football Princeton University I
Elizabeth Hawkins Field Hockey Amherst College III
Keith Huffman Lacrosse Trinity College III
Cyrus Joubin Squash Columbia University I
Reed Landry Wrestling University of Virginia I
Alyson Lipsky Swimming Middlebury College III
Landon Schmitt Cross Country Brown University I
Robert Swain Soccer Tufts University III

Class of 1998

NAME Sport School Division
Coley Andrews Lacrosse Dartmouth College I
Nahal Batmanghelidj Field Hockey/Lacrosse Middlebury College III
Liesl Bradford Field Hockey Tufts University III
Kate Burson Tennis Vanderbilt University I
Holly Deland Soccer/Lacrosse Trinity College III
Holly Deland Lacrosse American University I
Melissa Deland Ice Hockey/Lacrosse Princeton University I
Whitney Duncan Lacrosse Columbia University I
Sarah Gregg Lacrosse Dartmouth College I
George Kambanis Basketball Kenyon University I
Frank Murphy Baseball Lynchburg College III
Liz Oosterhuis Tennis Yale University I
Joey Wright Soccer Lynchburg College III

Class of 1997

NAME Sport School Division
Randy Ferrell Baseball University of Pennsylvania I
Kevin Gamble Football Wake Forest University I
Mike Kleeblatt Lacrosse Lehigh University I
Kathleen Lubin Field Hockey/
Ice Hockey
Hamilton College III
Mollie Ricker Lacrosse Yale University I
Chase Stock Lacrosse Duke University I
Derek Stowe Lacrosse Kenyon University III
Abby Sullivan Field Hockey Yale University I
Joey Weiss Basketball Williams College III
Jamie White Squash University of Pennsylvania I

Class of 1996

NAME Sport School Division
Kyle Brookshire Baseball Trinity University (TX) III
Chris Carroll Football Hampden-Sydney College III
Chris Clarke Baseball College of William and Mary I
Kate Doty Lacrosse/Soccer/
Swarthmore College III
Blair Farr Tennis Princeton University I
Jada Fink Lacrosse College of William and Mary I
Seth Gaudreau Lacrosse Dennison University III
Gen Grandison Lacrosse Harvard University I
Libby Huffman Lacrosse Dartmouth College I
David Jankowsky Baseball Middlebury College III
Ann Johnson Lacrosse Harvard University I
Will Lamson Lacrosse Dartmouth College I
Andy MacDonald Lacrosse Lafayette College I
Tom Serafin Lacrosse Dartmouth College I
Jamie Sullivan Lacrosse Princeton University I

Class of 1995

NAME Sport School Division
Slater Harding Basketball Marymount University III
Dwaune Jones Football Richmond University I-AA
Eddie McNamara Basketball James Madison University I
John Shoemaker Football Elon University I-AA
Nell Smith Lacrosse Yale University I
Michael Stock Lacrosse Princeton University I
George Wisecarver Lacrosse Dartmouth College I

Class of 1994

NAME Sport School Division
Lauren Banks Track Duke University I
Laurel Conly Field Hockey/Lacrosse College of Wooster III
William Lamb Cross Country New York University III
Paige Mader Field Hockey Stanford University I
George Miller Baseball Princeton University I
Julia Morrill Lacrosse Dartmouth College I

Class of 1993

NAME Sport School Division
Jessica Mikszewski Cross Country/Track Harvard University I
Alexa Schriempf Soccer/Fencing Sweet Briar College III

Class of 1992

NAME Sport School Division
Emily Brunk Lacrosse College of Wooster III
Brooks Harding Soccer Depauw University III
Eliza Hitz Crew Princeton University I
Julia Kline Lacrosse College of William and Mary I
Trip Lilly Football/Lacrosse Richmond University I-AA
Stuart Salyer Lacrosse Middlebury College III
Andrew Serafin Lacrosse Air Force Academy I

Class of 1991

NAME Sport School Division
Billy Barton Cross Country James Madison University I
Todd Trapnell Soccer Bowdoin College III