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Health and Wellness

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The mental health and wellness of Potomac students is a primary focus to ensure they experience success academically, emotionally, and socially.

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Health and Wellness

In addition to the resources offered by our Health and Counseling services, The Potomac School supports student well-being through both formal programs and more informal, organic conversations. Advisors, deans, teachers, coaches, and school administrators work together and with students to encourage responsible decision-making and promote a healthy school culture.

The Board of Trustees Health & Wellness committee meets throughout the year to identify goals and priorities for the school. Additionally, our Health Services team, composed of nurses, counselors, and trainers meets bimonthly to advance a holistic approach to support our students.

Potomac recognizes that health and wellness are multidimensional concepts, encompassing the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, environmental, and social aspects of a person's life. To foster the well-being of each member of our school community, we strive to ensure that every individual feels a sense of belonging and support, has opportunities to develop meaningful relationships, finds joy in learning, and is encouraged to live a healthy and balanced life.
excerpt from Potomac's Mental Health and Wellness Statement of Purpose 

Go Well, Stay Well

Potomac has a Health Services Team, that includes two full-time registered nurses, who care for our K-12 community of students, faculty, and staff. Our team also includes certified athletic trainers and counselors.

Last week, students from all four US grades participated in conversations facilitated by our Peer Leaders, a group of juniors and seniors who support counselors Josie Woods and Paul Singleton in leading our division’s mental health and wellness efforts. The Peer Leaders began by reminding students of the resources on campus. The conversations then explored stressors, coping mechanisms, and achieving balance. The Peer Leaders will share feedback from these conversations with the US Administrative Team.

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The school counselors, the health services team, the support services team, and our athletic trainers are available to all students to assist with social, emotional, physical, and behavioral support, with the goal of helping students be successful at school by employing a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of Potomac students.

Counseling Services

By promoting wellness through healthy choices and balance, the Counseling Department's primary goal is to facilitate each student’s ability to experience success academically, emotionally, and socially at The Potomac School.

Our program is developmental in nature, based on the premise that children at different stages face a variety of challenges. We work with students who have everyday issues and concerns. Students learn that seeking help and developing strategies to manage setbacks are lifelong skills. Services include:

  • One-on-one counseling

  • Small groups meetings
  • Lunch clubs

  • Guidance and Health classes
  • Support for parents, faculty, staff and administration

  • Consultations with outside support services and specialists

Learn more about our counseling services


Allison Lewkowicz

Grades K-4 Counselor

Weezie Parry

Grades 5-8 Counselor

Paul Singleton II

Grades 7-12 School Counselor and DEI Coordinator 

Josie Woods

Upper School Counselor and Director of Student Support

Health Services

The Potomac School has two full time registered nurses. In addition, a Health Services Manager for health care centered administrative and programmatic work. Nurses provide medical treatment as well as administer daily medications. Speech, hearing and vision screenings are done during the school year and blood drives are managed through the medical office in conjunction with student leaders. An integral part of the health services team, the health office promotes self-advocacy while teaching healthy and safe practices.

Danielle Donaldson

Health Services Manager

Ellen Grass, RN

Lower, Middle, and Intermediate Schools Nurse

Sajini Gundry, RN

Upper School Nurse

Athletic Trainers

The Potomac School’s Athletic Health Care team is composed of our two Athletic Trainers, Precious Barnes and Erin Mulligan. Our Athletic Trainers provide prevention services, emergency care, clinical examination and diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Both Athletic Trainers are certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association and licensed by Virginia’s Board of Medicine.

Precious Barnes

Head Athletic Trainer

Erin Mulligan

Assistant Athletic Trainer and Physical Education Teacher

Athletic Health Services

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Opened in fall 2019, the Spangler Center for Athletics and Community is a 76,500-square-foot facility that serves as a hub for basketball, volleyball, squash, athletic training and athletic health services, as well as a community gathering center. Learn more about the Spangler Center and our athletic facilities. 

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