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Learning Support

Potomac students are provided a variety of resources to ensure that their potential for academic and personal success is maximized both inside and outside the classroom.

Learning Support

At Potomac we believe in fostering a diverse, inclusive learning community where all voices and viewpoints are valued and academic diversity is recognized. Our K-12 learning specialists utilize a strengths-based approach. We work in collaboration with teachers, students and parents. Tools, methods, and accommodations are identified that will support the needs of students to be successful in our rigorous curriculum without significant curricular modifications as determined at each divisional level.

Potomac’s learning specialists are a resource for students, teachers and families. Across divisions, learning specialists work with teachers to differentiate instruction while modeling and implementing best practices. Student support is provided individually, within small groups in classrooms  and for enrichment. If a student is diagnosed with a learning difference, learning specialists develop a learning plan and act as a liaison to summarize and share diagnostic information and learning plans with faculty members.

Lower School Learning Support

Middle School Learning Support

Intermediate School Learning Support

Upper School Learning Support